Angus Cattle

Angus Cattle

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Use: Angus cattle are known for their ability to produce well-marbled, high-quality beef. Photo by Russell Graves

History: Angus bulls were first transported from Scotland to Kansas around 1870. Red Angus numbers was rejuvenated in America during the 1950s, after it was discriminated against by the Aberdeen Angus Breeders’ Association. The registry preferred the Black Angus to the Red and barred the color from the registry. The Red Angus Association was later developed to protect and promote the purebred Red Angus.

Conformation: Angus and Aberdeen Angus are both black and red and genetically polled (no horns). They were produced by crossing the cattle of two Scottish counties, Aberdeenshire and Angus.

Special Considerations/Notes: They are noted for their fast weight gain, marbled meat (flecks of fat, making it juicy and tender) and outstanding maternal qualities (aggressive, protective mothers that produce lots of milk for their calves).

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