Chicken Defends Her Eggs Against A Prowling Snake

Chicken Defends Her Eggs Against A Prowling Snake

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PHOTO: Sandy Rewald/Facebook

Chickens have it tough. Being among the smallest animals on the farm, they’re constantly being predated by wild animals large and small. In this video shared on Facebook by Queensland, Australia, resident Sandy Rewald, her beloved chicken, Chook Chook, is being threatened by a snake, which Mashable reports to be a water python.

The hen is working hard to save her eggs from the attack of the coop intruder, but when the snake takes things too far, she attacks. Take a look in the video above.

Chickens, especially the leaders of the flock, can be valiant protectors of their kin. I’ve even heard of roosters in Alaska protecting their flock from grizzly bears. These farm poultry may come in small packages, but they’re tough.

Have you ever seen a chicken take on a predator? Share your story.

Watch the video: Chickens Defending Their Eggs Against a Snake. ViralHog (August 2022).