Chicken Without Eyes Is Everybody's Best Friend

Chicken Without Eyes Is Everybody's Best Friend

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PHOTO: Mumble The Chicken/Facebook

Last week, Mumble the Chicken turned 1 year old. That doesn’t seem like big news for just any old chicken, but Mumble is a special case: She’s a blind chicken. Born without eyes, this hen wasn’t expected to live more than a couple of days.

When Rebecca Cummings first met Mumble shortly after hatching on May 4, 2015, she was advised to cull the blind chicken from her flock. But Cummings had a particular confidence in her special hen. As for Mumble … well, she has tenacity and spunk that has won the affection of the people and pets around her, as well as a growing following of Facebook friends.

“For those who don’t know, many said she wasn’t worth the time and effort as she would just die anyway, and I should just end her suffering,” Cummings wrote on Mumble’s Facebook page in honor of her 1st birthday. “But it’s amazing what happens when you give someone a chance.”

Mumble has lived a vibrant 365 days, playing at the park, cuddling with kittens and the family dog, trekking through forests, laying eggs of her own, and, of course, eating birthday cake.

“Mumble’s will to survive has lead to us being able to help many other chicks who would otherwise have been culled; I’m so glad she inspires so many of you to be compassionate to these wonderful birds,” Cummings wrote.

Take a look inside the year of Mumble, and friend her on Facebook for more on this inspiring bird:

Watch the video: Cat and chicken strike up unlikely friendship (June 2022).


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