Plants vs zombies garden warfare how to play as zombies

Plants vs zombies garden warfare how to play as zombies

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Plants vs zombies garden warfare how to play as zombies. It is a new and fun zombie game that is similar to the Plants vs Zombies game where zombies eat plants to create super zombies. This game is a tower defense game where you are the zombie defender. To be a zombie defender, you must build towers to protect your home from the zombies. In this game, there are many tower types that you can build to kill the zombies. Your aim as a zombie defender is to build the best tower possible to win.

PVZ Garden Warfare Playable Zombie Types

You have six different playable zombies in this game. These zombies come with different traits that make each zombie uniquely different.

Brain eating zombies are the first zombie types you will unlock and you will see many of them in the garden. These zombies are a bit weaker than the other zombies in this game. They do however, have a unique ability.

The brain eating zombies are able to absorb all the plants and turn them into extra zombie points. However, this zombie ability will be disabled if you have a high amount of zombies in the garden.

Carnivorous zombies are stronger than the brain eating zombies and are great for getting a quick lead on the plants. They also do not require plants to create them.

Voodoo zombies are the strongest zombies and they have multiple abilities that make them one of the most efficient zombies in the game. Voodoo zombies can shoot powerful rays of dark energy that damage plants, and have a unique ability.

Mummy zombies have high defense and an increased rate of plant damage and their special ability allows them to slow and stop the plants for a few seconds.

Scorpion zombies have low attack but have high defense. They have a unique ability that allows them to deal increased damage to all plants.

Skeleton zombies are the weakest zombies in the game. However, they do have a special ability that can help them attack a group of plants at once.

How to Play Zombie Blitz

Zombie Blitz can be played on your PC using the standard Windows OS. The Zombie Blitz game software is the same as the PC version and it is available from a large number of download sites and download portals.

Download the Zombie Blitz game software from the download site or the download portal of your choice and install it on your computer. A small file will be downloaded and you can start playing the game immediately.

The interface of the game is very simple, and you can start playing the game with a few simple steps. You have to choose the number of plants that you want to use. You can buy these plants from the store or from the garden depending on your game mode.

In the garden you will see the zombies on the top side of the screen. Each zombie has a bar above their head that will increase as they are attacked by other zombies.

If your zombies are healthy, they will be able to create new zombies and plant new plants. If the zombies are damaged, they will eventually die, and you will lose a plant. In order to win, you have to try to take control of all the plants. If you manage to capture all of the plants in the game, you will win the game.

Play Zombie Blitz Online Game for Free

You can play the Zombie Blitz online game for free. To do this, you have to join the site of the game, and when you are ready, just play.

There are no registration or download requirements. However, if you are under 13 years old, you can not play the online games that are rated Teen.

Zombie Blitz Cheats

There are no Zombie Blitz cheats that can give you unlimited items or unlimited energy.However, you can make your zombies more powerful if you follow these tips:

Start the game with the smallest number of plants. This is the minimum amount of plants that you will need to survive. The zombies will attack all of the plants in the area, so the more plants you have, the more your plants will be attacked.

Start the game in the Free Play mode. Once you play for the first time, the game will automatically put you into the campaign mode. The campaign mode will have the zombies start with a big number of plants and a large amount of energy.

Increase the number of plants you have in the campaign mode. Each time you kill a zombie, you will get some amount of energy. If you need more energy, you will need to collect more plants.

Increase the number of plants in the campaign mode. If you do this, the zombies will die quicker. If you can collect enough zombies before the campaign mode ends, you will get a victory.

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